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Gael is a Thinker.   She’s also a natural observer of people and is continuously intrigued by how humans, supposedly the most intelligent species on the planet, continually behave in ways that threaten our very existence.   She questions many things about the human condition.  Why are humans the only species that behave this way?  What drives people to wilfully take actions that destroy the very ecosystems that support them and all of us?  What causes humans to forsake their divine purpose as the Guardian of Mother Earth?  How did we as a species become so stupid?

Obvious answers arise:  Ignorance, Control, Greed, Competition, Fear, Power… get the idea.

Gael’s fascination and interest lies not in these diseases.  Instead she focuses on what,  if we have the courage to look deeply enough,  is at the root of every single issue facing the world today.   Rather than looking externally for people, places or things to blame, she invites people to look within.   For no matter how difficult it may be to accept, what happens in our external world is only a reflection of our own inner state.

As with any state of being, we have a choice.  We can choose to be happy, or we can choose anger.  We can choose to live in fear, or we can choose calm.  Choose love, and hate can not survive.  We can choose to suffer and drown in our misery or we can choose to live in a beautiful state.   Either way, it’s a choice. 

There are only two states of Being.  You are either in a Suffering state or you are in a Beautiful state.  There is no third state.” (Khrisnaji, Co-founder of O&O Academy)

Gael invites you to join her as she shares the ancient wisdom and contemporary teachings learned and integrated through 12+ years of deep inner work.   From a life that was ravaged by anger, arrogance and loneliness, she now celebrates one of fulfillment and happiness.    In sharing what she has learned and fully experienced, her desire is that you too may see the destructive nature of our Suffering states, and choose to also live from a Beautiful state.

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